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Eymir Gölü

We were about to complete the shoot of almost all the designs. All that was left was my favorite design, the Three Beauties.

It is difficult to escape to nature in Ankara. Or at least that's how I remember it. After living in Izmir for eight years, I realize that I have become quite alienated from Ankara. I don't even know where to take a friend from out of town by accident.

Three Beauties was one of the first designs that I tried. It was the first to go to press, I had the first towel in my hand and I still use it. That's why it has a special place for me.

We wanted to shoot this design in Nevşehir Göreme, on the Üç Güzeller fairy chimneys. But when we went to Cappadocia, we did not have enough time, the fairy chimneys were very crowded. We realized that we could not get the squares we wanted and had to give up. Our Three Beauties have always waited for the day they will go to Cappadocia again. But circumstances did not allow it.

Only one photograph of this towel was missing. There were restrictions outside and we hardly spoke to anyone. We were confused at home with Muti. Let's go out, let's shoot somewhere, it's not like this. We were able to go as far as Eymir in our journey, which we went to Gölbaşı because it was the worst.

Those who have gone know that Lake Eymir is one of the closest escape points to nature and perhaps even the most beautiful of them all.

To be honest, I didn't have much hope for this trip. I thought we couldn't take a lot of pictures.

When we got home, I couldn't believe my eyes. We did one of the best shots of the collection!

I still can't believe we were able to take all these photos in freezing weather, without freezing.



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